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Corey is an impactful business leader who prides himself in the art of engagement and the science of team building.


From a young age, Corey has always been tasked with taking a leadership role. He was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana to a single mother household along with his older brother which forced his family unit to identify what role each individual needed to fill. This was the beginning of what molded Corey into the leader he is today and why he believes that an empowered and engaged team is a powerful thing. 

Corey has shown the prowess of self-leadership first which turned into the phenomenal leadership of others. He's taken the uncertainty of how to enroll in college to receive his college degree from The University of Houston. He was able to turn a health administrative internship into not only fulltime employment, but he was able to work directly with Texas Children's Health Plan's President, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Pediatric Complexities, Director of Women's Health Services, Director of Clinical Psychology, and Director of Marketing as well as many other members of upper management. Corey found himself thrust into leading alongside many high-level members of management which forced him to quickly learn what it's like to effectively lead an organization in the right direction. His contributions were not only organizational but countrywide where he found himself twice published in medical journals that would see a significant reduction in emergency room readmissions for new mothers and the other creating and validating a new position within certain hospitals that would help reduce readmission rates of babies into neonatal care units.

Corey has always believed in a fair but firm leadership style and he believes that every team should have fun while being the best. He prides himself in creating a family environment where each individual finds purpose and in inspiration through not only their leader but through their teammates. Having led many previously unsuccessful teams, Corey has been able to take those same teams and make them instant top quartile contenders. He's also managed new hire trainees who's performance rivaled that of most tenured high performing teams. Having won multiple leader of the quarter awards, top tier team production awards, and creating multiple successful employee engagement programs. Most notably, Corey was able to spearhead a project where he found himself managing a department's lowest performers in which he was able to not only retain the employees but through reaching top-level performance, he positioned the majority of them into promotions and advancement in the company. When asked how he achieved these results Corey simply stated "An engaged and empowered employee cannot be matched."

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